Faq & Policies


Here are some questions we get. We want to alleviate any concerns you might have, so please don't hesitate to contact us with any follow-up questions. 


What areas do you teach at?

We currently coach at Owen Memorial Park, Jane Reynolds Park, and El Dorado Park in Lancaster. We also coach at Domenic Massari Park and Marie Kerr Park in Palmdale. For our schedule - Please check our Sign Up Page

What is covered during each session?

Each class lasts the duration of the month and is typically comprised of 4 meet-ups. What's covered varies depending on the class. For example, all non-clinic classes will cover the tennis essentials including proper grip, forehand, backhand, and serve form. The more advanced techniques will be taught as the class progresses. Clinic sessions will mostly consist of tennis drills and serve practice. 

Here at Excel Tennis, we pride ourselves in our attention to detail, so proper tennis form will be instilled in every student regardless of what program you're enrolled in.

If you're looking to target every facet of your game, you should check out our summer programs which combine sets, drills, individual teaching, and class time.

What if we are the only registrant in our class? What is the student-to-coach ratio per session?

We firmly believe that any one person who signs up should be provided tennis classes, so we do not close classes for anyone. However, we shorten class times to 30 minutes for one registrant and 45 minutes for two registrants.

We hold an approximate 10:1 student ratio to ensure enough coach time during each class. 

How can me or my child enter a ladder or an Excel Tournament? 

All members of Excel Tennis are given free access to our competitive ladder play, Flex Quarterly Tournaments, and receive discounted rates for our own Tennis Tournaments. In order to participate in our quarterly tournament, one must be enrolled for the entire quarter. Once registered, simply check our website for seeding and play times. Ladder play works in a similar fashion. Members that have qualified for our ladder play can check their position at any time online and can challenge opponents in order to move up the year-round ladder. Read more about our competitive play here. Our upcoming Excel Member Portal (Summer 2018) will have all the information for our members updated weekly.

What equipment is required?

All you need is your tennis racket! If you need help determining a racket size, consider this general guide for sizes according to age group:

4-5: 21"
6-7: 23"
8-10: 25"
10-12: 26"
12 up: Adult Size (27")

Forgot your racket? No worries, we do have spares for the occasional mishap.

What is the make-up policy on missed sessions?

If you cannot make a class, you may get one credit towards the same class at any of our other locations. As long as you let the coaches know, you can make up your missed class by attending any other ACTIVE class. Missed sessions due to weather/cancellations will be rescheduled or class credit will be given. Any cancelled classes will be rescheduled or class credit will be given. 

Weather Cancellations? Holidays?

In cases of extreme weather conditions classes may be canceled and rescheduled for a later date. If a coach is unable to create a make-up day, they will grant every class participant one free class credit which can be redeemed at any of our locations for a make-up. Our social media pages will announce all cancellations and we will call/text the phone number on file. Class is not usually held during most observed holidays and big City Park events. The days that will be missed during holidays and events are shown in the class schedule when signing up. Please ensure you are following us on social media if you use it in your daily interactions.

Refund Policy?

Any medically cleared refund requested will be fully refunded except in the case of a medical refund mid-way through a class in which case the class will be partially refunded for the days to be missed. 

How can I sign up for private lessons? Any benefits?

Private lessons can be easily arranged with any of our coaches. Simply pick and contact your coach of choice to set up a schedule and they will walk you through the process! Taking private lessons grants FREE access to our classes AND competitive play so long as the lessons are weekly. Choose your coach HERE!