Excel Tennis Ladder

Ladder Rules:

  • Ladders are only available to students registered for monthly classes.

  • Access to our ladders is only granted upon reaching a 4.0 EPRS.

  • Once 4.0 is reached, a player will be placed by their instructor at a location deemed appropriate in the ladder

  • Ladders are updated weekly.

  • Challenges are made no more than once a week.

  • A player may challenge up to three positions above.

  • Following a loss, a player can not challenge the same player for a two week period.

  • One month of inactivity in the ladder will result in being demoted one position (except top player), this may be inactivity from not playing or not being registered

  • Absent registration for longer than 2 months will result in removal from the ladder.

To schedule a match - Please call 661-299-8032

Be ready to provide dates/times of availability

Not on the ladder? Please call the number above or email us at

The number after the standing is the EPRS rating - refer to our EPRS guide here for more information.

Current Standings/EPRS

Current Standings/EPRS

Current Standings/EPRS

New Ladder being formed, release date - Summer 2019