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Make sure you are at the City of Lancaster website. This link will take you there.

Clicking on the link will open up a new tab so you can follow the guide still.

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Ensure you are at the "Recreation" tab on the left.

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Click on the link labled "Click here to register for classes online".


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You should now be at the registration page. Here is the link if you are not there:

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Click "Create New" to create a new account.

Alternatively, if you already have an account, you can just click "Login"


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You should now be at the Create New Account page. Here is the link if you are not there:

Fill out all information as it pertains to you. Ensure you have filled out all REQUIRED information which is denoted with an asterisk (*)

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After filling out all information, press "Create New".

The email that you use on here must be accessible. Your login information will be sent to the email you use here.


Your account has been created!

If you have successfully created an account, you will receive an email that contains your Family ID and Account PIN. These are required to log in. Make sure to check your SPAM, JUNK, and TRASH if you can't find the email.If you have not received your email within a few minutes of registration, feel free to call (661) 723-6077.

Their available hours are as follows:

Monday - Thursday (8:00am-6:00pm)

Friday (8:00am - 5:00pm).

They can assist you with locating your login information.


If you have received your Family ID and Account PIN. You can now click "Login" 


Registering a Family Member

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Click "My Account" to reach your profile

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Click "+ Create New Registrant"

This is needed in order to create a family member as a client in order to register them to a class. For example, if you are signing in your son/daughter, you must create their profile in order to register them. This separates you and your child so they may register for our age-restricted classes. This step is only required if you sign up another person other than yourself for a class.


Arrow 1 (second picture)

Make sure to fill out all information regarding spouse/son/daughter to create their registrant profile.

Arrow 2 (Second Picture)

Click "Save Changes" to add your family member to the profile. Now they're registered just like you!


Again, this step is only for if you are registering anyone else other than yourself. 


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You should now be logged in like how we are!

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You can now click "Register for Programs" to view the classes and add them to your cart.


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You can narrow your search for classes down to "Sports" and then "Tennis" to find our classes. 

Arrows 3

Our classes will contain either our coaches names (Brandon Diaz, Greg Barnes, Elaine Ma, Boris Alvarez) and will say "Excel Tennis". Make sure to select the right class for you or your child. Simply click "Add" to put the class into your cart.


Arrow 1

Select the client to register. Here is where you select who is registering for the class. If it is a son/daughter/spouse make sure to select them. If there is no choice to select them, you must first CREATE their registrant profile. Please scroll up in our directions to find the "REGISTERING A FAMILY MEMBER" step and follow that. Then you can come back here to register them. 

Arrow 2

You can either click "Continue Shopping" to add more classes OR you can click "Go to Checkout" to finalize your class.


Arrow 1 

Enter card information

Arrow 2

Press "Complete Transaction" to purchase your class. Congratulations!


Alternatively, if you wish to pay with cash/check, you can make cash or check payment to your account in person at the Lancaster Parks, Recreation & Arts Department.

Again, if you encounter any issues while registering please call:

(661) 723-6077