School Programs

Our goal at Excel Tennis is to utilize our partnership with USTA NetGeneration to provide after school tennis programs, certified P.E. tennis classes, and Excel Tennis led high school teams! We will not stop until every school in the Antelope Valley has access to tennis!

Starting a tennis program in your school is COMPLETELY FREE to any school. If you’d like to talk to us about bringing tennis to your school please contact us here!


We are proud to announce that Excel Tennis is an official vendor for Inspire Charter Schools. Anyone, K-12, that attends Inspire Charter Schools may sign up for group lessons or private lessons! Simply go to Inspire’s Inspiration Station, search “Excel Tennis”, and contact us to start your student’s year round private and/or public lessons!


Our very own Linda Ruiz is the Highland High School Varsity and JV Head Coach for both Boys and Girls teams! She has been coaching the Bulldogs for over 20 years and continues to create a higher level of competition for the Antelope Valley! Our ties in the high school circuit will not stop there! Interested in joining Highland’s tennis team? Contact Linda here!


Beginning the 2019-2020 school year, Excel Tennis will be an official vendor for iLead Charter Schools (iLead Lancaster, iLead Hybrid, iLead SCVi). As a Home Study Program, iLead can cover the costs of your students’ tennis privates and/or public lessons!


Beginning July 1, 2019, Excel Tennis lessons and private lessons can be through Gorman Learning Charter Network! Simply contact Gorman to set up the proper purchase order and your student can become an Excel member for free through Gorman!